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The Garvey's #GivesBack & Garvey's #GoPlay Initiative


At Garvey's, we understand the importance of growth and development in our community and what it will mean for this Valley's future. We have taken a small step forward in making ourselves available to our community through our newest involvement programs. If you or your organization would like to partner with us in giving back to this community through your resources or if you and your organization are in need of a sponsorship and support please do not hesitate to contact us here at Garvey's. We believe in the Susquehanna Valley and the prosperous future that is ahead!


The Garvey's #GivesBack Program

This program is focused on the re-investment into the communities of the Susquehanna Valley through charitable efforts. Through partnerhsips with Non-Profits, such as: Churches, The Red Cross, Wounded Warrior, Chamber of Commerce; and other programs Garvey's has been able to offer the Susquehanna Valley growth and support. We at Garvey's believe that a true American Community cannot be built over night and certainly cannot be built with out help; it takes a whole community banded together towards a common goal to really build a strong community.


The Garvey's #GoPlay Program


The Youth of the Susquehanna Valley are the future of our great community and are the future to this regions prosperity. We believe that investing into the lives of our youth is key and monumental for making a difference in the lives and futures of these young people. With obesity rates climbing and high school drop out rates increasing each year it seems likely that the young people of our Valley need a helping hand! Garvey's has taken the initiative to offer sponsorships to area recreational teams, programs, and individuals taking part in activities that will enrich the quailty of life and build character in the lives of many young adults through our #GoPlay Program!